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Owners Club Calendar Submissions

Postby Cerberus » Thu Nov 03, 2016 8:51 am

The Calendar will again be sent out free with the December edition of Soft Top Hardtop to every member and to all our Club partners and sponsors.

It’s your calendar and only possible by members contributing images, and photographs are invited from all members no matter what level of photographic ability they have, from beginner to professional all images are welcome and using whatever photographic equipment you have, the calendar over the years has contained lots of different examples.

All that we ask is that images are of the highest possible resolution that you are able to submit, the higher the resolution of the image the better it is for printing in the calendar.

If selected for a particular month in the 2017 Calendar your image will be reproduced in over 7000 calendars that will make it on to the walls in homes, offices, workshops and garages across the country as well as further afield!

If you have taken a a great picture of your car over the past 12 months that you would like to see in the calendar ,or you have looked at previous calendars and thought I can do better, then please send in your picture in, we can only select from what is sent.

New and original images are sought for the calendar, and while we consider all images submitted to the Club over the past 12 months - if you have already submitted images for previous publication in STHT we will consider these too, but priority is given every year to unique and original images specifically submitted for the calendar.

If you are going to go out to photograph something for the calendar in the next few weeks please take a moment to compose your picture, have a look out for objects obscuring or protruding from the car – and remember try to get the car in focus!

Please email photographs to calendar@mx5oc.co.uk
Deadline for submission is Monday 7th November at Midday
Only images submitted on or before this date can be considered.

How to send in your photograph

All images will be credited. We would like to continue to publish extra details about photos in the calendar, please try to give as much as you can•

Your Full Name
Club Area
Where and when the picture was taken - please try to briefly list any specific information about why you where there, why the picture was taken etc.
To assist with image selection, before sending your pictures please could you rename the file with your own name e.g. DSC1234.jpg - becomes- ur_name.jpg, ur_name2.jpg etc

If you are not the photographer please provide their name also and please check they are happy for you to send the image. If your image goes forward for selection you will contacted to confirm information and permissions.

Only Club Members Vehicles or photographs can be featured.

Important Information, Guidelines and Technical requirements

•Images should be the highest resolution possible
•Please attach images to an email and send to calendar@mx5oc.co.uk
•Please try to keep the single email message size below 9MB if your message is over this please try to send multiple emails, if your image is over this size please email calendar@mx5oc.co.uk for other file transfer options.
Original image files are requested.

•Please do not edit out number plates, if your image is chosen your registration will not be published without your permission, obscuring your registration poorly may affect your image being chosen.
•Overly altered, composite or edited images generally won't be used. The calendar is a photographic publication, open to all members of all abilities.
•Please do not send multiples of the same shot or with minor changes to only composure or angle, pick the one you think is best and submit it.

The Club is not able to pay for images used, applicable outlines for photographic submission can be found in STHT.
•Images submitted for the Calendar in previous years or to Soft Top Hard Top in the past 12 months do not need to be sent again, they will be considered automatically.
•Because of the nature of the calendar only a limited number of pictures can make it in, it is not possible to use all the images submitted, but we appreciate all the images that are sent for consideration.

Additional copies
If you would like to order additional copies of the calendar, these will be available in a limited run through the Club's Online Store as soon as printed and available. If you would like further information about how to order additional copies and the prices please email store@mx5oc.co.uk.
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