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PostPosted: Sun Jul 15, 2018 7:25 am
by Carrie
Hello again everyone,

I am still a proud MX5 Mk3 owner and love it to bits. So much so instead of buying a new one which I personally am not keen on I want to give my mk3 a makeover inside and out does anyone know of anyone local preferably Solihull area that focuses on MX5's

1. I would like a new soft top
2. Upgrade in-house entertainment ie I am friggin useless without a sat nav and would like an inbuilt one. (is it possible on 2008 Mk 3) and USB sockets
3. Better carpet and MX5 Mats
4. New windshield
5. LOL Dad wants me to get it turbocharged (Not sure about that) he is 85 !!!
6. The dreaded drains cleared out so far I have been unsuccessful

Can anyone recommend an enthusiast

Thanks in advance

Carrie :wavey: