Curborough - a weekend of fun for MX5's

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Curborough - a weekend of fun for MX5's

Postby greg#2 » Mon Oct 04, 2010 11:02 am

Bob and i went to Curborough this weekend, he went on Saturday and i went on sunday.

I'm sure he won't mind me posting his blog up here: ... -oct-2010/

The next day, the weather was foul, real sideways rain and rivers across the track.

Raceworx was trying to kill me on both practise runs with vicious, snappy oversteer post bumps

for my first timed run i decided to soften everything off (dampers to max soft front and back and tyre pressures down 4psi) but this was way too much and i pogo'd my way through the course in blancmangeworx having a wail of a time battling corner entry oversteer, mid corner oversteer and power oversteer. you can see in the video how soft it was :lol:
[in joke] check out me wikkid gloves bob [/in joke]

After chatting to one of the single seater boys about setup, he recommended pumping my tyres right up to 30psi and stiffening the front back up but leaving the back soft. His advise was not perfect but it was a definite improvement, the car threatening to snap, but not actually. I still couldn't push to any great extent, but i got a tidier run and finished with a 45.5 that put me 4/9 in specialist production over 2000cc (a legacy of me entering the single seater but changing cars prior to the race) i upset a few 250hp XE powered caterham SLs

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