What is Mazda on Track?

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What is Mazda on Track?

Postby NickD » Wed Jun 04, 2008 12:31 am

Mazda on Track was founded out of frustration that there was no consistent focus for track activity for Mazda cars within the confines of owners clubs. We believe that cars are for driving and while we don't decry polishing, it is our view that it should not be the highlight of a cars weekend.
If you confine yourself only to MX5 based websites you will be unaware of the seismic movements that Mazda cars and in particular the MX5 is making in the world of motorsport. On the eve of it's 20th anniversary hardcore driving groups and motorsport teams are dispelling the hairdresser image and embracing the car as a true motorsport contender.
From dedicated race series and sprints, through contenders at the British Drift Championship and attempting sub 8 minute laps of the Nurburgring for less than Euro 10,000 including the car. It's all going on out there and mainly as normal road cars. At Mazda on Track we say good for them and invite you to come and join in.
Mazda on Track. Motorsport for Mazdas
Image MOT Motorsport. Tyre and brakes fitting at club meets and elsewhere.
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