Silverstone Track and Drift April 16th

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Silverstone Track and Drift April 16th

Postby NickD » Thu Mar 18, 2010 12:15 pm

We have a wonderful day lined up on the 16th on the revised, enlarged and super duper Silverstone Stowe Circuit.

This day will be unique in that it is going to have both normal circuit driving, where you can see and ride in the latest MaX5 race cars,


talk to Image about suspension setup and blast around a very safe open circuit, the one they let the Hamster loose in the Renault F1.

However; also there is doing to be Drift driving in conjunction with Julian Smith and Garage-D.

If you want to know who Julian Smith is, he taught Tiff Needell the finer points of Drifting and can bee seen here

Very much like the track part, it is not about showing how good you are, but about improving, getting some tips about driving style and car setup.

The format will be 40minutes track driving (or Grip as it is becoming known) and 20 minutes Drift per hour.

We will also have tyre changing facilities

Tyre Change £5.00 per rim
All Drift Tyres £2.50 each
New Valves - £2.00 fitted
Disposal - £2 per tyre
Puncture repairs from £1/£6
Rim rental - £20.00 per pair, per day and includes first set of tyres (Jap mainly, pcd 114.3)
99Ron Fuel - £25.00 per 20ltr can

Example: 2 drift tyres supplied and fitted including disposal of old ones £19.00

These are not balanced as they're not normally on long enough to worry about.

It's going to be an amazing, fun, day.

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Postby MattB13 » Thu Mar 18, 2010 1:59 pm

Im coming to take piccies. Already booked the day off!! 8)

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Postby Marcar » Sat Mar 20, 2010 9:28 pm

This is going to be a mega, mega cool day!!

If you've got a slippy diff in your '5 you've got the potential to learn some extreme skill and guaranteed to have allot of fun!!

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