Blyton Saturday, 3rd September

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Blyton Saturday, 3rd September

Postby NickD » Wed Aug 24, 2011 3:06 pm

We are back at the charming circuit of Blyton for some pre-National Rally fun.

Blyton is a lovely circuit and actually one of my favourites as it flows so very well and you can really drive the car to its limits and beyond if necessary and come out the other side smiling and safe.

In the words of the owner, Richard Usher, it is a place to rediscover the joys of driving without barriers or banks to punish over exuberance.

It's not a coned airfield, but a proper track and a really fun day. This is what the RX-8 OC thought of it.

"What a fantastic day! Great to see old and new faces and the new look Blyton is a cracking track."

"Just a quick note to everyone to say thanks for making today's trackday at Blyton so enjoyable from day to end."

"That was a great day out! Good track and good company, and even good timing from the rain (for once!)
I had a fantastic day yesterday & it all started from when I left my driveway at 3.40am & arrived at the Track at 7.55am & then onto the Pub for Evening Meal with a crowd of friends & then leaving at 8pm & finaly getting home at 2am this Morning Had to stop at Toddington Services at 10.25pm for a 2hr break,as needed sleep + Super Unleaded Fuel
Total Miles for the day 562"

"Well, everyone I spoke too seemed to be having a good time with lots of wide grins all around. The weather was exceptionally kind to us, with just one short shower during the day until the almighty downpour at 4.50pm, 10 minutes before the offical finish!

I think everyone agreed this is a fun circuit in the 8, safer than any other race circuit, and an ideal track for anyone who is thinking of moving up from "fun days" and feeling a little uncertain about going to a race circuit for their fist trackday. This track is designed for "Driver Training" and will never host any competitive racing. The layout combines many different types of corner, but bunga-bunga has to be my favourite - get this one right and you get a huge sense of satisfaction carrying speed through onto the high speed section that follows."


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Postby stuartb » Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:26 pm

I think the MX-5 drivers enjoyed the track too :)
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