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Driver Training Day

Postby NickD » Sun Oct 06, 2013 11:26 pm

I have been asked to arrange a driver training day at the end of November.

This will take place at Croft Circuit and is aimed at improving all areas of track driving, overtaking, defending and general race craft.

It is by its nature aimed towards those already racing and wanting to improve their on track performance, but would also be suitable for those wanting to get into racing or for that matter

It is aimed very much at those already racing who want to improve their track speed and position in the field and also for those that want to go racing or want to move up from other forms of competition. It would also be suitable for experienced track day drivers who again want to look at competition in the future. It will not be limited to MX-5 cars, however cars must be appropriate, obviously not single seat cars or open wheel, and have approved crash protection. If you don't have a competition car but still want to take part then arrangements can be made to hire cars for the day. Cars will have to meet the 88 / 90dB noise limit for Croft though.

The day will be limited to 20 drivers only and our race winning instructor line up is:-

Brian Chandler

Paul Roddison

Phil House

Alan Henderson

Rob Boston

Mike Gorton

This gives plenty of quality time for all drivers with instructors.

The price of the day will be £249 and we will need 20 drivers to make this happen.

Please PM me if you are interested.
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