Sunday 24th June JDM Guys Relocation Decoration Day! ツ

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Sunday 24th June JDM Guys Relocation Decoration Day! ツ

Postby JDM_Clare » Fri May 22, 2015 12:25 pm

Im happy to announce that JDM Guys LTD are moving to bigger premises :D And we all know what a bigger unit means... bigger walls! hehe :lol: so first of all, the deets...


JDM Guys new location from the 1st of June will be:

Leona Industrial Estate
Nimmings Road
B62 9JQ

This is totes top secret at the moment, its not even on the website yet, so keep it safe/ make a note. Its less that 5 mile from the current/old unit and means no more Wolverhampton Road! tedious, tedious road that is! Its not your typical industrial estate area like the last place, its laid back off the road, opposite a row of houses and a pub, "The Clock Inn". The gate is immediately before a white area sign "Welcome To Shell Corner". If you get to a mini island with zebra crossings, youve gone too far! :P

This Sunday, 24th May, is Little Matt's BIG Monthly Run in stourport...


Since Dan has access to a moving vehicle on Monday, we're aiming to get the walls finished and start moving in :D After the BIG Monthly Run, (we cant miss that!) we're heading back to the new premises to carry on with the walls to get them finished in time. This is just an extensive invitation to anyone willing to hang out and lend a hand for how ever long youre able to :) There are no tools or anything at the place yet, so it really is just painting, tea and coffee... although there is a nice rx7 you can look at. :lol:

Once were all in and sorted, there will of course be an open day :D the car park here is much bigger and completely dead of a sunday, it will be June sometime... possibly throw in a tech day too for some pre Blyton prep!

see some of you at the BIG Monthly Run, and maybe some of you at the new place on sunday :D

Happy motoring!
Peace out P5s xx
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