Our Area Co-ordinator

The West Midlands Area Co-ordinator picked up the nickname of Cerberus over twenty years ago and it has definately stuck. Known affectionately by his friends as 'Cerbie', he's 100% a petrol head, born with petrol in his blood.

He originates from Newport Pagnell, the real home of Aston Martin, and because of his family involvement in AML it was invevitable he would spend his formative years around all sorts of exotic vehicles in various states of completion.

When his peers were buying Escorts and Fiestas as their first car, Cerbie was saving up for his own Triumph Spitfire 1500. A car that he still owns. Although it costs him a lot less to insure these days!

For those days that you just can't face coaxing an old British sports car into life the obvious choice was an MX-5. But of course it needed a bit more power. So it now features an MP62 charger and 240bhp of fun.

Despite his gruff exterior and scary nickname, he's really a big softie, very approachable, and always ready to go the extra mile to help out a fellow MX-5 enthusiast. Come along to a meet and come say hi to Cerberus and the rest of the guys and girls of Phoenix Fives!.